Non Toxic when dry, a Hard drying, Penetrating, Multipurpose Oil that protects & naturally enhances fine interior wood. Prized by wood turners, safe for kitchen surfaces, chopping blocks and wooden bowles. Perfect for carrying wood stains. Use on furniture, floors, doors, windows, beams, saunas.. wherever fine wood is used.

Restores, beautifies and protects all interior woods

What is it?
Penetrol Multipurpose Wood Oil is a high solids, stable and durable alkyd based drying oil. It combines the penetrating ability of time proven Penetrol with long lasting surface protection. High in solids, non-toxic when dry so it can be used on kitchen and bar surfaces, colourless and with a pleasant odour. Penetrol Wood Oil is truly user friendly.

How does it work?
Penetrol Multipurpose Wood Oil penetrates into the wood – not onto it. It penetrates deeply, sealing out harmful moisture. It prevents end splitting and warping and protects wood from deterioration. Unlike other wood finishes, it will not darken with age nor will it craze, crack or peel.

What will it look like?
Penetrol Multipurpose Wood Oil beautifies and enhances the natural appearance of fine wood. It highlights the wood grain. You can choose between a natural oiled look, a lustrous hand rubbed finish or a rich satin appearance.

How long will it last?
On interior applications for many years. When the surface starts to dull, simply apply another coat following application instructions.

Where to use it?
On all interior wood panelling, furniture & cabinets, rough sawn & dressed beams, stairs, rails, windows & doors, spas & saunas and wherever a lasting natural wood finish is desired.

Other uses
Timber stain:
Makes an excellent timber stain. Just add Multi Purpose Oil based Tint or 10 to 50% oil based flat paint.

Deck finish:
Mixing 4 parts of Penetrol Multi Purpose Wood Oil with 1 part oil based paint.

Rejuvenate old wood stain:
Apply 2 coats of Multi Purpose Wood Oil to old and faded stain that is in otherwise good condition to restore colour and extend the service life of the stain.

Timber protection during construction:
1 coat of Multi Purpose Wood Oil will protect timber from water damage and dirt and prevent water marks during the construction period. Penetrol Wood Oil improves all varnish, ensures smoother flow, better adhesion, eliminates brush-marks, extends wet edge.

Available sizes
500 ml, 1L, 4L

Weight 1 kg

500 ml, 1 ltre, 4 ltres


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