An economical, easy to use concentrated, natural wood restorer that cleans, brightens and conditions greyed or dirty exterior wood including pressure treated timber, teak, balu and cedar. Also cleans Aluminium and Vynil siding, Fibreglass and plastics. Wood Prep is so mild it will not harm plants or shrubbery

The easy way to prepare your wood prior to applying wood finishes.

Specially developed for use as a pre-paint treatment to clean and brighten wood for Flood’sSpa-N-Deck wood finish it will also give excellent results with all other wood finishes.

Easy to use and economical pre-treatment solution for timber. Use prior to coating products such as Spa-N-Deck and all other out door timber finishes.

• Removes mill scale and rust stains from timber surfaces
• Removes dirt and grey from weathered timber without damaging the fibres
• Removes any residue left from Powerlift
• Does not contain bleach
• Helps to bring back the natural colour from greying timber
• Will not harm or damage surrounding plants or grass when diluted
• Concentrated, 1 litre mixed 50/50 with water makes 2 litres of cleaner

WoodPrep solution is a specially formulated detergent type cleaner for all timber. It prepares the substrate for all timber finishes including Spa-N-Deck 100% Acrylic Wood Finish.

WoodPrep is versatile enough to clean all types of soft and hardwood, as well as pressure treated pine. It also removes and cleans silver grey timber back to its original beauty without sanding. This product will remove mill scale and opens the pores of the timber to ensure penetration of the finish, especially Spa-N-Deck Ideal for both Trade & D.I.Y projects.

Will it bring back the natural colour of the timber?

Yes, even to the degree with pressure treated timber unless the discolouration is from some treatment or finish used in the past that has permanently discoloured it.

Will it remove nail rust?

Yes, but some stains may require undiluted treatment.

Will it remove tannins?

No, on new hardwood we recommend using Powerlift first, to remove tannins from the timber.

Will it kill mould and mildew?

No, mould should be removed with a 50-50 solution of household bleach and water or ready to use and safer Mould Action from Flood, before using WoodPrep Solution treatment.

Available sizes: 1 liter & 4 liters

Weight N/A

1 ltre, 4 ltres


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