I know the benefits of Penetrol in coating and sealing of clean metals and as an additive in paints to protect from salt corrosion. I have just purchased a new boat trailer, and wish to protect the gal. Is penetrol suitable in coating new gal as a protectant? 

Penetrol can be used over new gal but it needs to be fully degreased first and abraded to insure all the manufacturing oils and chemical treatments have been removed. Penetrol for UV resistance can be over coated with Penetrol Aluminium.

Would Pentrol be ok for weild spots on a quad bike from to prevent the weild spots from surface rust?

That is fine to apply over weld joins, but you will need to overcoat the surface with an enamel paint product before using the item.

Can I use Penetrol Aluminum on a roof used for collecting rain water?

Penetrol Aluminum is widely used as a top coat for roofs and where rain water was to be collected.  We only ask you to disconnect the pipes for the first couple of downfalls then reconnect as usual.



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