Flood Products are Unique in Every Way!

  • They make painting easier.
  • They let the handyman get a professional finish.
  • They save money and time.
  • They can solve almost any painting problem.

The beginnings of Flood Products go back a long way to a little paint shop in Cleveland, Ohio, founded in 1841 by Earl Flood. He developed an additive which greatly improved the poor quality of paint in those early days. As it greatly enhanced the adhesive properties of paint due to its superb penetrating ability, he called it Penetrol.

The Flood Company Australia is independently owned and is the sole licensed manufacturer of Flood products for the Australasian region. Our plant is located in Sydney with warehouses and distributors in every state as well as in New Zealand.

Today, Flood products are available in over 50 countries worldwide and are stocked by thousands of retailers. We take pride in the quality of our products and our orientation towards our customers’ needs and demands. It is our aim to help with your painting problems, regardless if our products are used or not.

These Products are exclusively available through FloodSA in South Africa!